JANUARY 28TH, 2021

Is Christianity worth saving? This is a question that has been at the heart of The Liturgists since the beginning. In this first episode of Season 7, we explore this question as we begin to set the course for where we’d like to head together in this new season of the podcast and beyond.

This episode includes conversations and thoughts from Mihee Kim-Kort, Peter Rollins, Hillary McBride, William Mathews, and Michael Gungor. You can watch The Liturgists Podcast being recorded live each week (as well as The Alien Podcast) by joining The Liturgists.

We love having everyone together where we can talk during the recordings. Check out and find where it says “Join The Liturgists.” Also, this Sunday at 11am Pacific you are invited to join us for The Sunday Thing. Hundreds of liturgists from around the world get together via video. We break into smaller groups to talk and it is such a wonderful time. You are not alone in your doubts, questions, anger, sadness, atheism, theism, or any other thing you are going through. To find out more and to join us on Sunday, go to



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