We believe that every person, regardless of race, orientation, gender, religion, or belief is sacred and deserves access to community and helpful spiritual technologies, and for that reason, we have decided to go with a “pay what you can” model to pay for the costs of “The Work.” Our hope in this is that the community won’t take advantage of this, but that those who really can’t afford much will still be able to be a part, and that the more financially secure among us will pick up some of the slack.


If you have no clue what a good gift would be, we would suggest a donation around 10-20 dollars a month to start. If this community and work has meant a lot to you and you can do more than that, we would be grateful, and you would be making room for even more people to come to the table.

Every dollar shared here goes to making this work happen. These funds will allow us to create videos, meditations, podcasts, and various other forms of spiritual media for the community.

All members get access to the entire library of “The Work” as well as extra benefits such as gated online events and early access and discounts to in-person events.