The seeking ends here.

What is it?

The One Retreat is an esoteric experience created for spiritual seekers and those craving sangha to discover deep states of oneness consciousness through practice of the 4 yogas.

This is for you if…

  • You want to expand your toolkit of spiritual practices that support embodied clarity of consciousness
  • You are ready to shed old patterns and beliefs that cause constriction
  • You long to connect with others on a similar spiritual path
  • You aren’t afraid of trying new things and pushing your comfort zone

This might not be the best event for you if:

  • You have strict religious beliefs you are not interested in questioning
  • You are triggered by spiritual language like “God” or “Worship”
  • You do not resonate with Hindu, Buddhist, Tao, or Non-Dual philosophy

*if you would prefer a space focused more on community and connection during faith deconstruction, check out COMMUNE*

your Facilitators:

Emily Capshaw is a writer, producer, and meditation teacher who finds joy in the absurdity of life. Her online content around mindfulness and mental health has amassed millions of views, bringing ancient wisdom to the modern world through her unique and accessible approach.


This 3 day retreat includes:

  • Daily yoga and meditation
  • In depth group sessions and teachings for deeper clarity of consciousness
  • Music
  • Breakfast each morning
  • One group dinner Sunday night
*to help make this event accessible to as many as possible, there are some locations that include lodging and meals onsite, and some that are ticket only. The ticket-only events are held in central locations near many hotel and restaurant options. Please see the specific location pages for more details.


August- Nashville

September- Chicago

October- Atlanta

November- Sedona*
Jan- Bali *
May- México*

*options for accommodations and food included