Tabs & Wafers

A Night for Explorers


WTF is Tabs & Wafers?

The most common question we’ve gotten about our tour this summer is, “What the does Tabs & Wafers mean?” In typical The Liturgists fashion, we prefer to keep you in some state of mystery surrounding our events—but we get it. It’s tough to plan for a night you don’t know anything about.

The simplest way to describe Tabs & Wafers is a one-night show featuring Science Mike and Michael Gungor telling stories about struggling through spiritual life both inside and beyond the church with decidedly unorthodox theology. But, that’s not quite right.

Because it’s also about how to form community after you’ve lost yours.

And, it’s also about how to relate to “God” when you have to put quote around the word itself.

But, honestly, Tabs & Wafers is also about how we’ve all been weaponized by the War on Drugs to justify oppressing and incarcerating people of color.

Yeah, it’s quite a night. Our hosting venues have described it as, “a standup comedy set where people laugh and cry a lot.”

We launched Tabs & Wafers to try to get to see more people in more places, so you don’t have to get on an airplane to see us. We also host these in theaters and venues, so our friends who aren’t comfortable in a church can join us.

The only way to understand Tabs & Wafers is to be there. And, that’s never been easier, because we’re launching something new: low and reduced income tickets.


Yeah, but what can I expect?

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What if I can’t afford a ticket?

We’ll buy you one. The Liturgists care about economic accessibility, and so a limited number of seats are reserved in each city for people who can’t afford to buy a ticket. All you have to do is register below and your ticket is on us.