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Episode 22 - Who Am I?

We're hosting an event called Belong in London this November. Click here to learn more.

Spirit, Soul, and Body. The mystery of consciousness and the way our perception of the world seems distinct from our physicality means most people believe their consciousness transcends their bodies alone. But what are we? A spirit trapped in a body? Or an illusionary, emergent property of neurons and synapses?

Science Mike and Michael Gungor bring The Liturgists Podcast back from hiatus to consider these ideas from the lenses of faith, art, and science.

Episode 21 - One Wild Life

Science Mike sat down with Michael Gungor and Lisa Gungor to talk about their new project One Wild Life: Soul following Belong.

One Wild Life: Soul comes out in August, but you can get it now for a limited time as part of the One Wild Life Season Pass. One Wild Life is a trilogy of records being released this year, and the Season Pass gets you all three before anyone else–including One Wild Life: Soul immediately.

See for more details.