We’re better together.

Our listeners are spread all over the world. We all have different stories—though there are common themes. Our stories involve changing beliefs, shifting political views, and exploration of new sexualities, and gender identities. Those shifts put many at odds with their communities. Somehow growing into who you really are also means feeling alone. That’s why The Liturgist started. It’s one thing to hear a podcast and felt heard, but we care deeply about creating opportunities for connection, dialogue, and ultimately community. To facilitate that, The Liturgists operate and maintain platforms for community formation.

If you sometimes feel like you’re the only one who feels this way, join us.

Official Communities

These communities are setup and operated by the same team that creates our podcasts, events, and other experiences from The Liturgists.

The Liturgists Community

Our primary platform for community formation is The Liturgists Community. Our focus is intentionally open and supportive conversation and community building. This is a place for people in transition. Many people here have experienced trauma, are in recovery, or are ostracized from family and friends. So, this is a space that is intentionally supportive. There are no ads, ad tracking, or data mining. Your personal information remains just that: personal. We'll never sell or share the information you post here.

This community has private forums for people of different marginalized identities as well as local forums for cities all over the world to you can connect with listeners who live nearby.

Think of this as a privacy focused alternative to Facebook Groups.

The Liturgists on Mastodon

Mastodon is an open-source alternative to Twitter. Thousands of listeners of The Liturgists Podcast have joined to create substantive (and fun!) conversations in a supportive environment, but in the public sphere. Mastodon is architected around a free and open internet, and can’t be controlled by any one company. Best of all, Mastodon’s architecture helps prevent the kinds of mass harassment that is so common on Twitter.

Think of it as Twitter for people who are sick of Twitter.


The lifeblood of everything we do is our Patreon community. Patrons get podcasts, content, and experiences unavailable anywhere else, as well as direct access to the team that creates The Liturgists Podcast. The Patreon community is its own subculture within The Liturgists, and the place most frequented by Science Mike and Michael Gungor.

Listener-Led Communities

These communities are setup and operated by listeners of The Liturgists Podcast.

Liturgists Community on Facebook

Currently on hiatus.The largest collection of listeners outside our official social media platforms is in this Facebook group—which itself has numerous offshoots centered around geography and identity.

The Liturgists on Reddit

For anyone who uses reddit, there is a dedicated subreddit run by the same team that created the primary Facebook group.

The Liturgists on Slack

Originally created by The Liturgists, but now operated by a passionate community, The Liturgist Space on Slack may be the most quirky and interesting community of all.