MAY 14TH, 2020

Heather McCain talks with Dr. Hillary McBride to pull apart the story that disability is inherently negative. Heather McCain is Executive Director of Creating Accessible Neighbourhoods, a non-profit they founded in 2005. Heather’s experiences with multiple types of disabilities, inaccessibility, and ableism led them to become a well-known and respected speaker, advocate, educator, and activist, working with a variety of companies, cities, and non-profits to confront the issues that face disabled people.

Recognizing that the disability community is comprised of people with many intersecting identities, Heather is committed to cross-movement organizing and working to ensure that the entire disabled person is considered. Heather facilitates Qmunity’s group Chronically Queer, a support group for queer folk who have chronic health conditions and is an organizer of Burnaby Pride and facilitates the Burnaby Pride Community Action Network.



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