AUGUST 12TH, 2021

Who or what is Satan? What is the nature of evil and what is the best way to interact with it in ourselves and in others? What is “existential kink”? These are just a few of the sorts of things we get into on this fun and wildly heretical episode featuring Caroline Elliot (author of the book “Existential Kink: Unmask Your Shadow and Embrace Your Power; a Method for Getting What You Want by Getting Off on What You Don’t”), Mason Smith, Emily Capshaw, and Michael Gungor.


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  1. Lucy stephenson Coles

    Hello! Thanks so much for your podcasts. I’m a Christian psychiatrist and psychotherapist based in uk. Very interested in exploring psychoanalytic ideas as applied to Christianity. I was curious about masons idea of Christ as super ego and Satan as Id. Wouldn’t it be more accurate to see god as super ego and Christ as ego- Christ became human and experienced the same conflict eg father take this cup away from me


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