You can make a difference.

Global climate change is a problem of immense scale. We're talking about a problem with the potential to disrupt civilization as we know it in the future, and that is already causing harm to poor and vulnerable people all over the world. It takes the collective action of billions to disrupt our climate, so how can one person do anything? It seems hopeless, right?

The answer is found in the problem itself. Our collective actions are warming global temperatures via the release of greenhouse gases. Every one of us is contributing to the problem, which means every one of us can contribute to the solution.

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Start by learning more

If you're overwhelmed by the science behind climate change–and the many counterarguments floating around in our culture, check out Skeptical Science. You'll find a searchable database of climate myths, arguments, and resources to explain the overwhelming scientific consensus behind man's role in global climate change.

If you want to understand the impact climate change has on the poor, watch this talk by Dr. Katharine Hayhoe. It's especially useful for Christians to understand how protecting the climate is an essential part of following Christ.

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cut your personal carbon contribution

How you live makes a big difference in greenhouse gas emissions. Your diet, your shopping habits, how you drive, and even the temperature in your home determine your contribution to global climate change. Here's 50 ways you can help stop climate change.

Want to do more? Driving a vehicle with better mileage is one of the most powerful ways you can combat climate change.

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Contact your elected leaders

What do the American people, American businesses, and governments all around the world have in common? They're all making meaningful progress toward slowing down climate change. But, the American government isn't on the same page–both the current presidential administration and the congress are making regressive rescissions on climate.

You can change that–congress works for you. With our friends at the Micah Challenge, we've setup up webpages to help you take actions that make a big impact.

Ask Your Congressional Representative to join the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus.

Set up a meeting with your Representative in August to talk about climate justice.