AUGUST 27TH, 2020

Arielle Estoria joins William Matthews, Dr. Hillary McBride, and Michael Gungor to discuss art and our relationship to it. Whether art lives in our movement, prose, canvas, notebook, instrument, work, or play, it shapes us and pushes us towards something new. Many times we might feel like our art works as a calling out from within that seems beyond ourselves. However it takes shape, how can art help us process and work through struggle, pain, and trauma?

Arielle is the co-author of two self-published collections of poetry: Vagabonds and Zealots (2014) and Write Bloody Spill Pretty (2017) which can both be found on Amazon. You can find out more on Instagram @arielleestoria. In 2016, released her EP of poetry and music titled Symphony of a Lioness which can be found on Apple Music and Spotify.



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