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“Heaven and Hell” – Article by Chris Davies

Heaven and Hell. Such a strong duality permeates our language, culture, and beliefs about the world. These notions are so rooted in time and space that we think of them as Other, outside of our world of possibilities.  But we have no further to go to Heaven than...

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“Who is Josh?” – Article by Chris Davies

Who is Josh? A great question. But perhaps the better question is why are we asking, is there someone named Josh worth asking questions about? In fact, yes, there is. Names are a powerful linguistic tool for helping us understand the floating egos that populated and...

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“Josh, A Christ” – Article by Chris Davies

Jesus was a man, but only just. His humanity, the fact that he shared our DNA and looked kind of like us, is enough to justify him as the necessary conduit between pure humanity and the divine. He's just enough human to be relatable, but otherwise, he's wholly...

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“Me, a Wretch Like You” – Article by Chris Davies

Reading Genesis Three, I'm struck by the metaphorical implications of this passage. Adam and Eve, having eaten the "fruit," know good from evil and have a sort of wisdom because of it. God punishes them certainly. But it seems like they got a really sweet deal out of...

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“In The Beginning” – Article by Chris Davies

I'd like to invite you to take a step back from reading boring old internet articles and imagine going to the Great Wall of China. You've probably heard about the Wall, its magnificence, and architectural significance. But you want to know more. Through the...

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“Reformation” – Article by Chris Davies

The last episode of the Liturgists' podcast focused on whether or not Christianity is worth reforming. We discovered that the Tree of Christianity is rife with thorny roots and poisonous branches. Despite this, there is a wealth of practices and rituals stemming from...

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